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Excess Inventory Management


Bristol Electronics offers three easy and effective ways to free up the cash you have invested in your excess inventory.  Give us a call, and let us determine and implement the best strategy and solution that will provide you with the highest return on your excess and obsolete components.

Sell By Individual Line Item

Do you have a few lines of product sitting on the shelf collecting dust and not $$$ ? Contact Bristol Electronics for an immediate bid today, free up your space for newer product and receive the highest return on your excess and obsolete components. In a matter of minutes, we can turn a few lines of excess components into cash flow for your company.

Liquidate Your Entire Lot of Excess/Obsolete Inventory

End of Life? Cancelled Product? Secure the highest return on your inventory investment. Large lots or small lots, Bristol Electronics has the ability to purchase all of your excess electronic components. We can help eliminate the costs of carrying unused, excess, and obsolete material. Free up some major cash flow and clear your books in just one easy step. Contact Bristol Electronics today and in less than 24 hours we can provide a bid for the entire lot of excess inventory.

Bristol's Custom Consignment Program

Designed to offer the absolute highest return on your excess inventory. This no cost program provides the flexibility to recover top dollar for your excess components. We can arrange for the shipment of your product to our warehouse and provide a detailed listing of the entire inventory. Once inventoried, your product is made available to the entire world of electronic component buyers. Your product will receive the highest visibility while listed on all of the best web-based electronic component search engines. We will record and report all sales of your product on a monthly basis and return a percentage of the sales generated by your product(s). This easily established and maintained program provides the best possible solution to your excess inventory needs. Receive the highest return on your excess components, and best of all, because you still own the inventory we can overnight a component back to you should you realize the need. Let us customize a flexible consignment program for you today. Call us today, and start receiving cash for you excess inventory tomorrow.